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Skills Workshop and Jackpot
June 15th and 16th, 2013

On June 15 &16 2013 the Californios Bridlehorse Association hosted a Skills of the Rancho Workshop and Jackpot at the Santa Ynez Valley Equestrian Center. Saturday’s workshop, taught by CBA President Bruce Sandifer, involved moving, sorting, and roping in manner where no stress was put on cattle or horse. CBA members practiced their skills while Bruce coached and demonstrated techniques to improve how the horse and cow should be handled. Since the workshop mimicked real working situations, the weekend was not spent in the arena, but in the back pens of the facility where pepper trees provided shade for riders and cattle.

On Sunday members honed their skills in the Jack Pot competition although “competing” didn’t seem the focus of the day as everyone helped and encouraged each other. Roping was separated into three divisions based on where the contestant placed their own skill level. There were best heel shot and best head shot winners in each division. A juxtapose of skills, men, women, and youth made up the three person teams. Teams set up shots with the intent their teammate might do better than they had. At the end of the morning Division 1 winners were Victor Cruz for headshot, David Morrison for heel shot. Cara Hamer had the best head shot in Division 2 and ten year old Stran Cotta had the best heel shot. Division 3 winners were Ute Sandifer for best headshot and Elena Juarez for best heel shot. Vinnie Muselli won the breakaway division.

There were no skill divisions in the afternoon alley sorting and, once again, everyone worked to provide the optimum environment for their teammate. Mike Giacopuzzi and Adam Spence tied for the best gate handling and Ute Sandifer received best sort. At the end of the day, Cara Hamer received Best Handle prize for her ability to handle cattle on the end of a rope.