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7th Annual Early Californios Skills of the Rancho

Save the Date: The California Bridlehorse Association is excited to announce that the 7th Annual Early Californios Skills of the Rancho will be held at the historical Tejon Ranch July 12-14, 2019. Building on the success of the first event in 2013 in Santa Ynez, CA, “Skills” has grown to be one of the largest gatherings of California Bridlehorse devotees. The event showcases skills needed to effectively, efficiently and safely handle livestock while preserving the horsemanship skills and traditions handed down over generations beginning with the early Californios vaqueros.

We invite your participation as a competitor, vendor, sponsor, or observer at Tejon Ranch to share with us all the appreciation we have for this style of horsemanship. Devotees, craftsmen and artisans who embrace these traditions have few places to come together. We look forward to you joining us in July, 2019.

The address for Tejon Ranch Headquarters is Tejon Ranch Equestrian Center,1401 Crane Canyon Rd, Tejon Ranch, CA 93243. Contact Christine Haze at 661-663-4284.

Event Descriptions, Rules, Schedule of Events (Including Go Order) and Scoring

One of the main goals of this competition is to preserve and pass on the values and skills of the early Californios stockmen and bridlemen. All competitors should, at all times, try their best to uphold these values throughout the entire competition, whether in the arena or not. Respect should be shown to horses, cattle, and other competitors at all times. We are here because we believe in this manner of working, and want to see it continued. We are all on the same team in a way.

Click on the links below to see Event Descriptions, Event Fees, Schedule, and General Rules and Judging Criteria for the 2019 CBA Skills. (Note: you will need Adobe Acrobat to open these *.pdf files; if you don't have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, click here to download it for free)

Please note that the Schedule may change; please confirm the day and time of your event(s) at check-in.

Event Descriptions

Event Fees

Schedule: Go Order (Revision 3, July 8th)

General Rules and Judging Criteria

2019 Skills Ranch Horse Patterns

Here are the Ranch Patterns for Novice, Junior, Youth, Green Novice and Green Youth/Junior competition:

Novice, Junior and Youth

Green Novice and Green Youth/Junior

For all other Ranch Horse divisions, dry work will be freestyle and details are included on page 5 of Event Descriptions.

Sign Up for the 7th Annual Early Californios Skills of the Rancho

Note: Entries are closed while we process the waiting list for each event. It is possible some events may reopen; check back here to determine entry status. If you want to be added to a waiting list, please email your contact information to Cindy Wilson.

Meal Menu

Meals are available at the Tejon Ranch. Click on the following link to see the meals menu and prices:

Meal Menu

Please email Kenny Gallager by July 1st with your meal choices. You will pay on arrival either with cash or check.

Camping and Horse Accommodations

Camping, horse stalls and pens are available at Tejon Ranch. Dry camping is $10/night. An uncovered horse pen is $15/night and covered stalls (solid sided) are $25/night (includes 1 bag of shavings)>

To reserve camping, horse pens or stalls, please contact Christine Haze at Tejon Ranch (, 661.663.4284). Please bring your email confirmation to present at check-in. Payment is due upon arrival.

Vendor and Sponsorship Information

The interest and attendance at the Annual Early Californios Skills of the Rancho continues to grow each year. It is a great venue for marketing, showing, and selling your product or showing your support for the Californios Bridlehorse Association. For vendor information, please email Elena Juarez or call her at 619-606-7119. Click here for a Vendor Application Form.

If you would like to become a Sponsor at this year's event, please email Cindy Wilson or call her at 626.318.4691. Click here for detailed Sponsorship information.


If you are interested in donating a prize, awarded to riders on Sunday afternoon, with recognition of donor, business, artist, etc., please email Linda Turner or call her at 928.910.9019.

Volunteer Information

If you would like to join our amazing volunteer team, whether you are a participant or spectator, please email Nichole Vincze ( or call her at 818-400-4900 with your availability dates (time ranges) and areas of interest (early registration desk, feeding cattle, scoring, announcing, scribing, runner for announcers/judges, or just anything helpful!). Also, if you would like to help with ground crew (setting ropes), we will comp your CBA membership!