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The International Association for the Preservation of Early Californio Bridlehorses and Stockmanship (IAPECBS), doing business as The Californio Bridlehorse Association (CBA) was formed to preserve a unique style of horsemanship and stockmanship developed during the Mission era of California. These methods became an essential part of California and western U.S. history. The techniques and equipment used by the Californios were passed down within family traditions and so secretly guarded they were almost lost to the pages of history. Through the efforts of the CBA these traditions will be kept alive in their purest form.

The CBA will support events where competitions and exhibitions showcase the skills developed during the Mission period. We plan to develop a few national and international events of this nature along with localized skills and judging workshops in California each year. In addition, CBA will host community presentations and serve as a resource for others to learn the horsemanship and stockmanship methods of the Californio. Operation of CBA will revolve around planning and management of event schedules as well as the development of a future horsemanship training center.

You can become a member and/or sponsor of the Californio Bridlehorse Association, a non-profit organization, and help save an important piece of California & U.S. history.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • The Association is a California 501 c3 non-profit corporation with all contributions and sponsorship being tax deductible.
  • The Association preserves and advances critical aspects of early California history. All contributions and sponsorship monies are dedicated to helping this historic preservation.
  • The Association will have a wide and continual presence at equine and agricultural events throughout California, the United States, and eventual expansion to international events. This will give donors and sponsors direct access to a continually expanding audience.
  • Donors and sponsors will have access to all Association activities and educational programs.

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Contact Information

International Association for the Preservation of Early Californio Bridlehorses and Stockmanship (IAPECBS)
DBA: The Californio Bridlehorse Association